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Curriculum Overview


  • Enroll in at least 1 iA course each year or attend the iA Start-Up School for free (no course credit awarded)
  • Gold/Lobo levels require completion of experiential capstone project in LAIS 309, including:
    • Entering an accelerator (ABQid, Creative Startups, etc.)
    • Completing an internship for credit
    • Completing a large scale project, business plan, or funding plan
    • Other arranged deliverable


  • Serve as a member of any UNM Chartered Student Organization or Athletic Team.
  • Requires signature of organization's president/staff advisor to confirm that you demonstrated:
    • Commitment to the organization
    • Promotion of the organization's mission
    • Contribution to the organization's innovation and/or development


Complete one of the following:

  • Attend 4 iA events, lecture series or workshops throughout the academic year
  • Participate in STEM Collaborative

Career Services

  • Schedule an appointment with Career Services to develop your personal branding and marketing skills
  • Cultivate your personal story of innovation, creativity, or entrepreneurial thought

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