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Tiffini at DisneyThe Disney Creativity & Innovation Internship Program allows undergraduate students to earn up to 9 credits and gain valuable experience. 

I did the Disney College Program in 2003 as a Vacation Planner at the Magic Kingdom. It was easily the most influential 8 months of my life. The program helped mold me into the creative forward-thinking leader I am today. The opportunities I was given to network and build my personal brand were simply astounding. I love the Disney College Program because it not only teaches students how to apply their academic experiences to real-world situations, but helps them to understand the importance of cultivating professional relationships. The program’s elements, Live. Learn. Earn., illustrate Disney’s commitment to providing a well-rounded experience that will enrich any student’s academic career. - Tiffini Porter, Program Manager

5 Reasons To Participate in the Disney College Program:

  1. Earn UNM Credit While Living and Working in the Place Where Dreams Come True
  2. Connect With Company Leaders and Build Your Network
  3. Make Lifelong Friends From All Over The World
  4. Transform Yourself Into A More Confident and Outgoing Person
  5. Open Doors To Future Career Opportunities

trevor in front of castle What You Can Earn by Participating:

  • Earn 6 credit hours while taking collegiate courses taught by Disney Cast Members
  • Earn innovationAcademy scholar levels
  • Earn 3 credit hours upon your return to UNM by taking the iA capstone course specifically dedicated to applying the things you learned during your DCP


Tiffini Porter

Phone: 505.277-1444

How to Get Involved with the Disney Creativity & Innovation Internship Program

  1. Check out the Disney College Program website and the Disney Programs Blog for great information on the program and what you can expect as a Disney College Program Cast Member.
  2. Apply for the program online when applications are open for the semester you wish to participate.
  3. Pass the Web Interview – a personality interview used to determine if you are the type of person Disney is looking for.
  4. Schedule your phone interview with a Disney recruiter - you will receive an email invitation to schedule this if you are selected to move forward in the process.
  5. Talk to Tiffini Porter if you want tips and/or other information before your phone interview. 
  6. Once you are accepted, you will need to fill out a CO-OP form from the UNM Career Services office. This form requires several signatures – one of them is listed as “Employer” – take this form to Tiffini Porter WITH your offer letter from Disney and she will sign the form.
  7. Once the form is completed, take it back to Career Services so you can be officially placed on Co-Op. This will hold your student status while you are on your program.
  8. If you are on scholarship or other financial aid, visit the Financial Aid office and complete a Leave of Absence form. This will freeze your financial aid until you return.
  9. Follow the instructions sent to you from Disney to register for courses. Please check this site first to make sure the courses you are planning to take will transfer back to UNM as you expect.
  10. Have a magical semester! 

Check out for even more information and email Tiffini Porter, Program Manager, for more information

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